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Eduardo Peláez  

Harvard University
Master in Design Studies

Urbanism, Landscape Ecology 


The Golden Rush vs. Illegal Mining in Peru

 The mining sector in Peru is one of the pillars of the Peruvian economy and exports. Mining contributes 20% of fiscal revenues, contributes around 15% Gross Domestic Product Domestic GDP and 60% of exports. Commodity gold pric...


 “Maps do not represent reality, they create it”

Gerard Pietrusko is the professor of the course: Mapping – Geographic representation + Speculation. Beyond his very good pedagogical skills to deliver the class, the notion of mapping as a tool of design–representation is...


No solo se aprende y vive en inglés en Harvard.

El ciclo pasado, como parte de los programas internacionales que ofrece Harvard, me enteré sobre el January Internship Program que ofrecía el David Rockefeller Center of Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) para diversas partes...


The Garden City model in non-formal settlements

Professor: Neil Brenner

TF: Michael Chieffalo

Student: Eduardo Pelaez

Date: 07/12/2017

The processes of industrialization and urbanization at the beginning of the twentieth century changed cities forever: massive occupation, o...


When I came here, I was very enthusiastic to explore one of the biggest concerns that I have: How can urban policies improve the education of communities? Therefore, I took the course Healthy Places. This course is part of the urban planning section and is taught by pr...


Every day is a new stimulating experience at Harvard, but each Friday has an inspiring moment that challenges my ideas and goals. One of my required courses is Theories of Landscape as Urbanism that is taught by professor Pierre Bélanger in Gund 111 (the safe place). B...


August 31, 2017 meant a new beginning and a new chapter in my life. After a couple of years of applications, studies, exams, disappointments, and triumphs; finally, that much longed-for day, I started my Master in Design Studies (MDes) in the Graduate School of Design(...

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