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Inspiring Fridays



Every day is a new stimulating experience at Harvard, but each Friday has an inspiring moment that challenges my ideas and goals. One of my required courses is Theories of Landscape as Urbanism that is taught by professor Pierre Bélanger in Gund 111 (the safe place). Before coming here, I had watched several lectures of Pierre on internet; however, nothing compares being in that class, because as a lecturer, he demonstrates all his knowledge and attitude; as a professor, he teaches new ways of intervening in the world; and as a mentor, he transmits all his passion and activism.


Additionally, I find extremely interesting that there are also guest speakers who bring new perspectives about landscape, activism and social entrepreneurship. For instance: Liz Barry, John Fetterman, Jill Dessimini, among others. Likewise, the academic structure of the course is reinforced by sections that allow us to discuss the topic before classes start.


It is amazing when a course goes beyond traditional parameters of learning and delivers a thought-provoking message that impacts positively your life. Is it Friday yet?

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