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Madre de Dios | The Golden Rush


The Golden Rush vs. Illegal Mining in Peru

 The mining sector in Peru is one of the pillars of the Peruvian economy and exports. Mining contributes 20% of fiscal revenues, contributes around 15% Gross Domestic Product Domestic GDP and 60% of exports. Commodity gold prices increased substantially following the 2008 global financial crisis and it created a high fever to explore more territories. Due to those explorations, Madre de Dios was the most affected region with an uncontrolled industry of illegal gold mining. Therefore, in this project I look for documenting the process of the spatial alteration in Madre de Dios due to the Golden Rush and how the illegal mining has affected many Protected Natural Areas in that region called the “Peruvian Capital of biodiversity”.

SCI 6322 Mapping:

Geographic Representation + Speculation

Project 02 Narrative Hypothesis: Narrative Cartography

Student: Eduardo Pelaez


Spring 2018

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